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September 19, 2007



I might get on to that rain barrel idea.-I could use it for watering my gardens and what not.-To be honest, I rarely wash my car.


You're right Larry, sadly there are lots of examples of urban sprawl in CT, and across the US and the world.

Just like anything, when we narrow our vision to complete a task at hand, we often lose sight of the larger picture. I don't believe that anyone on a CT planning and zoning board is deliberately trying to ruin our delicate ecosystems but, consciously or not, they’re letting it happen.

One suggestion made by a friend is to replace planning and zoning in every town with environmental review boards that take a holistic view of development before granting a permit. Then, have countywide and regional boards keep tabs on what’s being built at the town level.

Something that we as individuals can do is to reduce the amount of impervious surfaces on our property. Building smaller houses, using permeable asphalt or concrete, or gravel for driveways decreases the amount of stormwater that races off our land and gathers toxins before heading back into our water supply. Rain gardens look pretty, and rain barrels catch water from our roofs for washing cars and watering gardens.

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