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January 03, 2008



You make a great point, Gruppie Girl, particularly about plastics. We've recently begun the arduous task of getting rid of plastic in our home.

Finding suitable alternatives, especially for things like Tupperware and tooth brushes hasn't been easy, but I'm hoping that the shift in the marketplace and growing consumer demand for natural products will force companies to continue to develop innovative, healthy products to replace toxic ones.

Thanks for stopping by, we'd love to have you one a s a guest blogger to share your insights...

Gruppie Girl

Stoneyfield yogurt is really thinking ahead again.

I am a recent convert to the Recycline toothbrush. The company uses old Stoneyfield cups to make a percentage of their toothbrushes. (FYI, I am giving away free Recycline toothbrushes on my blog this week)

Now TerraCycle. My houseplants love their worm poop!

Unfortunately, it is not widely known that plastics cannot be easily recycled into the same form. They become a lower grade of plastics. Also, the production of plastics spews a host of toxins into the air and water. So even if we are avid recyclers it is still best for the earth to cut-back on the use of plastics.

Thank you for publicizing this new joint venture.

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