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December 23, 2008


Phentermine 37.5

That is brilliantly put forward in a unique style that clicks with me.

Eileen Weber

I understand how you feel. I have three daughters aged 8, 6, and 4. How do you buy anything for them that doesn't involve plastic or electronics? It's a really great question.

The one upside is that there are a growing number of web sites that offer eco-friendly gifts, even for kids. But still, most toy stores don't typically carry eco-friendly items.

And what about all that packaging material? I sat on our floor around the base of the Christmas tree yesterday morning watching my girls' gleeful little faces tear through the gifts one by one. How green am I if I give my child a gift wrapped in a reusable bag in which the gift itself comes sealed in tons of plastic? The pile of garbage left over after the Christmas frenzy was staggering...

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