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January 19, 2009


Construction Contractors

Building construction costs before homeowner or facility builder and proceeds with project. Unless the project will be have unlimited budget and the owner can be the afford to throw lot of money away, then that estimates might not be needed. But then, we can all know there no one in the world who can would risk wasting his money on unplanned to be construction project, particularly the richest among to us.


It's difficult to be on the avant garde, but I appreciate and support the folks who can be the guinea pigs and push the momentum ahead for sustainable technologies and processes. We're not able to retrofit our condo, but I do sacrifice a few dollars to buy recycled papergoods, efficient lightbulbs, and organic food and cosmetics. As demand goes, so goes supply.
As for applying commercial construction to residential, a friend of mine is developing solar roofing technologies right in Waterbury. He lamented to me recently that without government subsidies at this stage in the game, companies are not able to install these roofing systems, so it will be even longer before they make the transition to residential. See his work here, http://2001company.com/whatsNew.htm

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