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October 16, 2009


John Dicus

Very nice article....
It left out the role of government intrusion. The farm sells organic produce.. who is the certifying agency? Every organic grower in the USA must be certified at their own cost by a third party who will conduct inspections and ensure the grower is growing to federal standards. States have their own agency that growers must sign up with also.
Does he sell processed foods? Every processor must use a 'Certified Kitchen' to package or process foods.
Does he declare the income from the produce to our favorite govt entity?
Does his town allow family farms in the limits? Does he have township approval to operate a farming business?
What of the CSA? Is it a corporation? Who is the person to go to if someone gets sick from the produce?
All of these factors are a result of governmental interference in our lives to 'make our lives better'. And neglecting to fulfill them may result in fines and closure.
Now, let's give our health-care over to the same gov't that makes business nice and 'fair' to transact, and protect the public.

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