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July 09, 2010


Bruce Mackay

I think this really is a great topic and I have written many posts on just this and my family are going to get a 12 volt fridge for our travel vehicle to cut down on cost of travelling and food waste.


Oh man, we had to belong to the "Clean Plate Club" every single evening, including liver & onion night. I *hated* that. It also means that I cannot leave anything on my plate, so I tend to overeat.

In the school cafeteria I always request: not so much rice, not so many noodles. But they don't want to "cheat" me out of the food I am paying for.

Here in Berlin, Germany we have compost trash cans for every apartment complex and companies that pick up restaurant food waste as fodder for pigs or for biogas.

We also have a city harvest that picks up edible food from banquets and grocery stores and distributes it to the needy.

But you are quite right - avoiding waste is a much better way. Or you can do the North German trick: Every Thursday is "Eintopf" day. That means collecting the leftovers all week and making soup with them. Add a hot dog and/or pancakes on the side and you have an easy to make meal that avoids waste!

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